Does Serigraphie work?

Serigraphie or silkscreen printing may be your art of forcing ink through a set of fine-meshed silk screens with the assistance of a stencil. Each silkscreen is stretched tightly within a business aluminum or aluminum frame and features a jacket with a photo sensitive emulsion. Although the adhesive film is also used to create a mask. Art and the designs made out of this are acceptable to the needs of those people.

There’s additionally a Business in Italy having an area of 6,500 square meters which sticks out in a few of the areas of Lombardy. It a couple of km to deal with the growing amount of customers. The company consists of qualified professionals who assist the consumer from the production process the business of analysis into graphic design, decision to design productions and color enhancement laboratory. In addition, it holds technologies and control procedures providing the creative freshness of Italian ingenuity with highquality.

The medium’s roots lie deep in history, originating in China and Japan as a technique for applying stencils to cloths and screens. Nowadays, it’s commonly used in the fabric industry to print designs (both complicated and simple ) on the substances of distinct types. Using Serigraphie method, one can design t-shirts, shirts, cushion covers, and so on. It’s widely used for promotion and advertising goals.To gather further details kindly visit

Serigraphie is really a medium that’s existed for 100 decades, which attracts to the world – perfumery, makeup, layouts, and a lot more. It’s usable for all from logos to posters.

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